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Baler support Conveyors

As standard, our balers come with a vertical hatch for pouring waste materials into. However, for fully automated operation it is normal for the baler to be 'fed' by a conveyor system, which allows operators to drop waste materials onto a horizontal conveyor at ground level, or even a pit in the floor. The conveyors then take the material away and up to the baler input hatch

This can be automated, in that the baler will send a signal back to the conveyor to indicate whether the hatch is ready for use, or if it is busy compressing a bale. Hence the conveyor only operates when the baler is ready to receive waste.

CCL has its own controls department, which is able to produce control panels with simple or complex automation, allowing for a simple single-baler operation, or more sophisticated interaction with multiple machines or conveyors.

support conveyors

In a similar vein, CCL can provide output conveyors to remove the compressed bales from the machine, and accumulate them for subsequent removal by a fork-lift truck or other handling systems. This can either be a powered conveyor, or a simple gravity-roller accumulation conveyor. Again, we can provide automation to stop the entire system - and alert an operator - once the output accumulation conveyor is full !