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CM90 Heavy-duty baler

The CM 90 Channel Baler is the most appealing baler for the majority of applications. It sits prominently in the mid to high range of the series as it can bale just about any ‘baleable’ product you can throw at it. It is designed to thrive in a high production environment and has a specification that will leave most balers of this size in the shade. This machine can be specified with Hardox 500 wear plate, a castellated floor reducing ingress of materials under the platten. There is also the option of vertical tying, which when baling mixed plastics will increase the containment of the bale and aid handling. The platten unit has adjustable skids which are easily accessible meaning that shear blade adjustment is a simple process that can be done with reduced down-time. There are many features on this baler that have been carefully thought out and tested from the hydraulic twister motor to the (no limit switch) encoder ram position system. It is with good reason we believe that this will be the baler of choice for many of our clients. The CM 90 range offers a wide span of options and has the ability to bale at a capacity of up to 15 tons per hour (depending on material and feed process).